Troubleshooter, SRPG Now Available For PC Via Steam Early Access

Are you a fan of strategy RPGs? If so, publisher and developer Dandylion has a new game out now on Steam Early Access called Troubleshooter. The turn-based RPG follows protagonist Albus and the events surrounding him and his colleagues as a Troubleshooter.

I should warn you that Troubleshooter is still in Early Access, meaning that the game lacks polish or content in certain areas. If Dandylion stays committed and abides to Steam Early Access rules, the game should see updates and other fixes to provide a full experience in a timely enough manner.

On the topic of experience and core features, Troubleshooter is a turn-based RPG. The story follows that of Albus and the troublesome events happening around him.

The story starts with Albus becoming an official Troubleshooter who then returns to his hometown. Meeting new friends and colleagues on the way, you will assume Albus and his friends as the team helps various people while on dire missions.

Characters appearing on these missions will offer up different paths, which alter the relationship of fellow characters and can slightly change the story depending on your decisions.

Both the official description and video trailer by Troubleshooter # showing gameplay sit below for your viewing pleasure:

“Troubleshooter is an SRPG game based on the virtual free-trade city Valhalla. You will play as Albus to solve the criminal activities occurring in Valhalla together with your colleagues. The strategy and RPG character development based on the traditional turn-based system will bring you a whole new game.”

The current version of Troublshooter contains six scenario stages and English and Korean interface/subs. The full version of the game will sport more content, but as of now the game allows players to recruit Sion as your first colleague.

Lastly, the single-player game known as Troubleshooter, as posted by the devs, will receive weekly updates. If you want to know when these updates will go live, which require an online connection, you can head on over to the game’s update Steam page.

As of right now Troubleshooter runs for $19.99 over on Steam Early Access. More information on this game can be found by hitting up


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