Unforgiving: A Northern Hymn, Swedish Horror Game Makes Its Way To Steam

Developers Angry Demon Studio, based out of Skovde, Sweden, recently released their adventure-horror game, Unforgiving: A Northern Hymn onto the Steam store for $14.99. The game is about venturing through dark and foreboding environments to encounter the horrors of Swedish folklore.

The game takes a lot of inspiration from Nordic mythology as well, giving gamers supposedly nightmare-inducing experience as they venture about the cabins, forests and caves located in the great north.

The developers are fresh out of the University of Skovde and are a nascent five-member team. Nevertheless, the newbie developers wanted to create something that tapped into the history of their ancestors while also offering gamers puzzles to solve, environments to explore, and monsters to outrun. You can check out the launch trailer for the game below.

It’s being billed as a “gory open world” horror game with survival elements, where players must venture through small rustic villages with sparse, nomadic cabins out in the wilderness of a forgotten forest; abandoned mine shafts where the shadows groan and there’s more than just bump in the night; and exploring pine-wood plains that lead you deep into the thickets under a moonlit sky.

The game promises strong language and nudity in addition to the gore and violence, so that’s something to watch out for. Don’t expect this to be anything like Lust For Darkness, though. I imagine this is more like the kind of fleeting nudity that happens where you peep through a door and see some silhouette that darts into the darkness, beyond the visibility of your prying eyes. Then again, maybe it’s all out and about with it like House Party before it got hit with the censorship banhammer.

Anyway, it’s not a long game and you should be able to beat it in just under three hours. If you’re curious about it or want to learn more, feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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