Dynasty Warriors 9 Videos Show Off Zhurong, Taishi Ci, Zhang Liao And More

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force have new videos up showing off Zhurong, Taishi Ci, Zhang Liao, Xu Huang, Ma Chao, and Jia Chong. The upcoming musou game is slated to release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 13th in the West, and only for PC on February 8th in Japan.

We get a nice look at Zhurong from Other as well as other commanding officers of Wie, Wu, Shu, and Jin. The videos don’t run for very long, but they do offer a view of each of the six character moves and abilities.

Known as the wife of the Nanman King, Meng Huo, Zhurong is said to be the daughter of the “God of Fire”. Zhurong in previous titles is mainly seen as her husband’s supporter and in many cases she appears as an opponent after Meng Huo has been defeated. You can see her in Dynasty Warriors 9 thanks to Koei Tecmo Channel.

Next up comes Jin’s officer Jia Chong. He, son of Jia Kui of Wei, is noted to be a worthy officer of his kind. Jia Chong was a powerful politician and gained the trust of Sima Yi, who placed him on his side as a confidant.

The fierce and powerful warrior known as Ma Chao hones might that knows no limit. Holding other noteworthy characteristics, these traits are said to have created a warrior who wielded his spear for anything he believed was just and mighty.

The stalwart warrior for Wu known as Taishi Ci makes his appearance in Dynasty Warriors 9, which can be seen below.

Xu Huang was praised by Cao Cao and often referred to as “a match to Sun Tzu.” His knowledge and great strength landed him the position of one of the Five Generals of Wei.

Known for his great honor, Zhang Liao served under the notorious Lu Bu until later moving under Cao Cao. Said to have shown great respect to all, friend or foe alike, he too filled in one of the Five Generals of Wei.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is set to release this year for PC and home consoles.


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