Fallout 4: New Vegas Mod Screenshots And Videos Show Off Progress
(Last Updated On: January 2, 2018)

The modders or team behind the Fallout 4: New Vegas mod for Fallout 4 have new footage of the total conversation for public perusal. The footage reveals “tree destruction”, environment improvements and lots more.

Mods can take a terrible game and make them mediocre, while mediocre games can become legendary with proper mods installed.

In this case we have a scenario where the modders behind an upcoming Fallout 4 mod seek to bring back Fallout: New Vegas in its entirey. New screenshots have been posted up to show off what’s to come via the New Vegas mod, which you can view right here:

As for gameplay and changes, we learn that mod team members shavkacagarikia, Neanka, Sagittarius, Bigcman123, Tostikaas, Spacetimebender, Painter2099/Deadpool2099, and Leldorado have  been revamping the mechanics of Fallout 4 to better resemble Fallout: New Vegas.

For starters, Shavkacagarikia happens to be in charge of the skills, FNV Perks, damage threshold, and the Reputation System. Neanka is noted to be over the “Levelupmenuex”, while Sagittarius is over the Karma System.

We also know that Bigcman123 is in charge of the SWFS, which is followed by Tostikaas doing the music and audio for the mod. The level designer/locations is handled by Spacetimebender, while Painter2099/Deadpool2099 is over the Caravan Shotgun.

Lastly, we have Leldorado who cooked up gameplay footage and did the destruction for the Joshua Trees.

You can see the teams work in an older Fallout 4: New Vegas video that sits above a newer Fallout 4: New Vegas mod video. Both videos come in courtesy of F4NV mod team‘s YouTube channel.

The AI in the second video is your typical Fallout 4 AI that just stands there and fires like a brain-dead zombie, but aside from that the map looks nice. Hopefully more in-game footage of the mod comes out at a frequent rate to quench thirsty throats.

You can learn more about the team’s progress on this mod by hitting up their Facebook page.

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