Laser League Open Beta Starts January 26th
Laser League

505 Games and Roll7 are finally gearing up for the full release of Laser League. The game is scheduled to head into open beta this weekend starting January 26th. It’s been a long, hard, testy road for Roll7 since hosting a number of closed betas back in late 2017.

The open beta will run from January 26th starting at 9:00am PST through to Sunday, January 28th, 10:00pm PST on Steam for PC. All you’ll have to do is pop open Steam, load up the client and play the beta.

For those who join early they’ll receive bonus in-game items, including an Al Shama OASIS limited edition kit, unique emojis, and a some special character portraits.

The gameplay is a lot like Tron, but instead of creating light-walls using the lightcycles, you’ll instead create light-walls using player characters, and will attempt to bottle in your opponents and evaporate them with light.

The open beta version of the game will offer players 12 different maps, each with their own unique gimmicks and conditions, such as the Empire Campus Stadium in the U.K., featuring a gauntlet and spin cycle, or the Geng Hao Megaplex in China that has lots of short firing nodes and a crushing laser trap.

Players will have to adapt their skills and play-style to the conditions of each map in order to beat the opponents and win the round.

There will be servers setup for North America, Europe, Russia and Singapore. So if you’re in Asia you can stick with the Singaporean servers, and if you’re in Central or South America, you can check out the North American servers. Russia gets its own server and if Africans had the internet they would probably also have to share with Singapore or Europe, or leech off the Americas, just like their economy.

You can learn more about the Laser League beta by visiting the official Laser League website.


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