MegaMan X Corrupted, Fan Project Gameplay Stream Shows Off Zero

JKB Games is a small indie team that is working on a fan project for PC called MegaMan X Corrupted. New gameplay footage showing off Zero has surfaced and clocks in at five hours in length.

MegaMan X Corrupted is all done from scratch, according to the devs. We’ve covered this very game before on this site, but as of now indie publisher and developer JKB Games took to Twitch to show off a whopping five hours of gameplay footage of MegaMan X Corrupted.

Additionally, you can see what the game has to offer as of now:

  • X and Zero are both playable with different intros and openings
  • Open world with non-linear gameplay and multiple paths
  • Story based on cannon events from X1-X5
  • Decisions you make change the story and lead to different endings
  • New armors for X and Zero
  • 5 levels of difficulty
  • New enemies
  • Level up to gain Skill Points to upgrade weapons and skills
  • Complete achievements to earn extra Skill Points
  • Customizable controls
  • New weapons and skills
  • Mini-map that expands as you explore
  • Several hidden items to collect

If the bulleted list is music to your ears, the game in question is more than impressive which includes a sick OST.

From smooth animations to solid gameplay, I personally would have thought that this game was a copy/paste job, but no. MegaMan X Corrupted is made by a handful of heads that proved once again that dedication, ambition, and effort can result in something highly memorable and a quality take on a classic property.

You can watch five hours of MegaMan X Corrupted gameplay, which starts at 00:11:31 and ends at 04:58:03.

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If this game has piqued your interest, you can find that much more on MegaMan X: Corrupted by visiting the team’s Facebook page, YouTube channel, or Discord.