Metal Gear Survive Beta Detailed, New Videos Show Single-Player Mode

Despite quickly becoming known as an abomination, Komani is planning to release a playable beta of Metal Gear Survive for gamers to try out. New info and details have sprouted up for what will be in the upcoming beta. Metal Gear Survive is due out for PC via Steam, PS4, and Xbox One on February 20th in North America and on February 22nd in Europe.

Thanks to the we get a little bit more insight as to what this playable beta of Metal Gear Survive has to offer. This is good for those who have an interest and want to see what the game is about without spending money on the full game, since the beta will supposedly be open for any PS4 and Xbox One owner.

Given that Metal Gear Survive is more of a copy/paste kinda of game it shouldn’t have any glaring glitches and major bugs floating around, and given that Konami already had an established base to work from, everything should have been straight forward when making Metal Gear Survive.

In addition to the above, folks can look to get in on the beta, which is set to kick-off from January 18th and go through January 22nd for PS4 and Xbox One.

A co-op mode will be present, allowing a handful of gamers to team up and work together to survive. In said mode folks will have to work together to defend a Wormhole Digger from waves of enemies, while trying to stay alive. If done correctly, participants will be rewarded with loot.

It’s also worth noting that upon playing the beta folks will receive an in-game bonus including a “Fox Hound” name plate, Metal Gear REX accessory, and a bandanna accessory that will carry over to the full game.

Lastly, you can either watch two recently published single-player videos that 4GamerNet released below or you can read the post about the beta by hitting up the given link.

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