Monster Hunter World Trailer Details Elder Dragons; Final Beta Starts Jan 18th
Monster Hunter World - Elder Dragons

Capcom released a new trailer for Monster Hunter World ahead of the game’s upcoming release later this month, featuring the behemoths that roam (and rule) the lands, known as Elder Dragons. The three minute trailer showcases the mammoth beasts, along with those brave souls with the loins of steel to face them down until their dying breath.

The trailer also highlights more than just the Elder Dragons… we also get to see many of the various creatures from the game in glorious eighth-gen quality. Not only do we get to see a bunch of different monsters on display, but we also get to see a ton of different weapons in use as well. You can check out the new trailer that Capcom let loose, below.

According to the press release, they give gamers a few tips about what to expect from the Elder Dragon encounters. For instance, they explain that the Kushala Daora has a body covered in metal plates and can use a wind storm to prevent hunters from getting in close. So now you know what you’ll need to penetrate those plates and to be wary of its defensive maneuvers.

The press release also details the Dodogama, which is a wyvern that eats rocks and has saliva that can cause the rocks to become explosive. Obviously, this means you’ll need to get your distance and prepare to roll once the rock-spitting starts.

Monster Hunter World_screenshot02.png

Last but not least is the Teostra, which has the ability to spit fire at its foes, and can also engulf any potential threats in a blazing inferno.

The press release rounds out by informing gamers that the final open beta before the full launch will take place between January 18th and January 22nd. You’ll be able to dive into the beta if you have a PlayStation 4.

Additionally, Capcom announced that post-launch content will be a thing and you can expect the first major title update to release in spring of 2018 later this year. Unfortunately for PC gamers, you’ll have to wait until fall of 2018 before getting your hands on Monster Hunter World.

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