SEGA Reveals Mystery Arcade Game As Sensen Senki

Sega has lifted the curtain over its mystery arcade game to unveil all of its bits and pieces to fans and hardcore gamers alike. Unfortunately this new game, Sensen Senki, hasn’t been announced for the West, nor has it been announced for PC or home consoles.

Remember when Sega and Sega Interactive unveiled that count down website showing a mysterious game featured on it? At one point the site showed “Senki”, which plays into its full name, and was said to be revealed on January 19th at 15:00 JST.

Well, time has passed and Sega has lifted the curtain to announce Sensen Senki. The game that is currently set to release only in Japan is an online card battle game, which you can view below thanks to Sega.

The card game sees you assuming the role of a commander controlling a team of four party members. These members or warriors must use their cards to defeat opposing enemies.

Joining the popular trend of many of today’s games, Sensen Senki needs to be played online. In other words, if you want to participate and fight your counterpart(s), you will need to be online to play.

There’s no telling if there will be loot-boxes and microtransactions given how this game heavily mirrors a mobile game. Sadly, though, only time will tell if Sega and Sega Interactive will implement MTX service features in Sensen Senki, and if the two will bring the game Westward.

If you want to know more about this game, Sega has updated the official count down website to reflect more information on Sensen Senki. You can head on over to to learn even more.

Lastly, Sensen Senki the arcade game will enter location testing in Japan on January 26th. Folks will find that access to play at Sega’s arcades in Akihabara, Tokyo, will end on January 28th.


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