Trailmakers PC Open Weekend Test Starts January 11th

Trailmakers is an upcoming racing/sandbox game by Flashbulb. The Greenlit title with vehicular customization is set to come out on January 31st for PC, but you can play and test Trailmakers early by following a new FAQ for the Open Weekend test.

If you want a taste of what you can build in Trailmakers, three short clips not only offer a look at how vehicles can be made in the upcoming game by Flashbulb, but how different vehicle physics handle on different terrain.

If any of the three short clips have piqued your interest there’s actually a way to sign-up and play this game early. If you can’t wait for its January 31st Steam Early Access launch, Flashbulb has a new FAQ that explains how to enter the January 11th Open Weekend test:

When does it start, and when does it end?

The Open Weekend is set to kick-off on January 11th. The trial will last for three days and will close down and end on January 14th.

How do I get invited?

First, sign-up to the Trailmakers mailing list to get your personal invitation. From here the dev team will send you an e-mail with an invitation, and instructions on how to play and what you can all do in the Open Weekend test.

Why is it multiplayer only?

The reason behind the Open Weekend being multiplayer only is so that the devs can receive statistics on Trailmakers’ servers, and optimize the game accordingly via stress-test situations.

What happens after the weekend?

After January 14th you will no longer have access to Trailmakers‘ Open Weekend test. This means that you can’t launch the game on Steam Early Access until it goes live on January 31st as a paid game.

The sandbox single/multi-player game will be available to play both on January 11th as a trial test and on January 31st as an early build. You can learn more about this game by hitting up its Steam Early Access page or


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