5 Minutes Rage Launches March 2nd On Steam With Free Weekend
5 Minutes Rage

Indomitus Games announced that their Unreal Engine 4-powered side-scrolling deathmatch sports game, 5 Minutes Rage, will launch this weekend on Steam for $11.99. The game will also be part of a free weekend on Steam where you can play-test for a couple of days to see if it’s something you might want to add to your library before taking a dive and adding it to your library.

The game is a futuristic, out-of-this-world, rough-and-tumble shooter that takes a bit of the speed ball mode from Unreal Tournament and slaps it into the confines of a side-scroller similar to Hyper Universe.

The launch trailer for 5 Minutes Rage can be viewed below, which gives you an idea of what the fast-paced multiplayer action-sports game is like in action.

So there are a couple of things worth talking about here. So first of all the combat reminds me a little bit of the classic PSX title from Activision, Blast Chamber, but with the added element of projectile-based gameplay.

Depending on the maps will depend on how the matches will play out, with the various layers of the level changing the way scoring can be done.

In some stages you’ll have a one-on-one scenario where you’ll need to deflect the ball and guard your goal, almost like the disc games from Tron. Other stages are team-oriented where you attempt to work together to overcome your opponents.

There’s also both online and local multiplayer options, along with co-op play against bots in an offline mode.

There are additional mini-games, along with keyboard and mouse support, gamepad support, and unlockable customizations.

The Italian developers will have 5 Minutes of Rage ripe and ready for purchase starting March 2nd but if you’re leery about handing over money to them you can still play-test the game over the weekend. For more info feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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