Abandon Ship Enters Into Early Access February 21st, 2018
Abandon Ship Release Date

Fireblade Software announced that the official Early Access release date for the upcoming naval strategy game, Abandon Ship has officially been set for February 21st, 2018 on Steam for PC. The news was accompanied by a very short and to the point trailer that showcases a small slice of gameplay along with the newly confirmed release date.

Fireblade Software’s Abandon Ship is a game where players make their way across a giant oil painting inspired by the 17th century oil paintings depicting the Age of Sail. The game is played across a top down view in the exploration map, where players will move through various sectors to uncover new ports, battle bandits, and carry out missions.

As players discover more of the sector through the fog of war, additional areas on the world map will unlock as you travel to new locations. You can get a brief glimpse of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The combat in the game is mirred after classic naval encounters. Players will load up the cannonball while their crew attempts to keep the damage to a minimum and prevent the ship from sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

You’ll have different types of attacks at your disposal that do different levels of damage to your opponents, ranging from standard shots to fire shoots to hook shots.

Different kinds of projectile types will determine how the battle unfolds against different kinds of opponents.

Additionally, the game throws a little bit of love from Lovecraftian lore in there, with cults of Cthulhu roaming the seas like vagabonds at a Philadelphia bus station. You’ll have to navigate your way through them while also contending with the ancient monsters that used to rule those parts… as evident in the main image up above.

You can learn more about Fireblade Software’s new game or check out a ton of different trailers by visiting the Steam app page.


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