Activision Blizzard And EA Reportedly Made Billions From Loot Boxes, DLC, Cash Shops

At this point I’m sure most folks around know that some companies like Activsion Blizzard and EA can make a lot of dosh through live service models, microtransactions and other monetary systems attached to said services. But how much exactly do these companies make from live services?

According to a new report that publication site Techspot posted reveals information about Activsion Blizzard and EA’s live service models.

Starting with Activision Blizzard, the company managed to accrue $4 billion through net bookings. In other words the company pulled in the given amount through MTX and DLC models, as noted by the publication site:

“In its latest financial results, Activision Blizzard revealed it made a record $7.16 billion in revenue across the entire fiscal year. $4 billion of that amount came from “in-game net bookings,” which covers loot boxes, sales of DLC, and in-app purchases.”

To put things in perspective, Activision Blizzard owns King, which is the company behind a list of mobile games like Candy Crush. King is said to have pulled in around $2 billion from in-game purchases for Activision Blizzard. The other $2 billion is reported to have come from Activision Blizzard’s PC, mobile and console scene.

Looking over to Electronic Arts or EA, the publication site makes mention that the company has made around $787 million from its live service models during its last quarter:

“EA made $787 million from its “live services” during the last quarter.”

The report doesn’t go into further detail about the two after the above blockquote, but I think it should give the curious or unaware an idea just how much live services can pull in.

If you want, you can follow up on Techspot report by hitting up and to do investigation work of your own.

In addition to the above investor relations (IR) sites, other companies fond of said MTX and live services also posted up their overall earnings. It appears as if microtransactions and live services are here to stay, and that loot boxes, DLC and cash shops are big business for AAA publishers.


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