Aegis Defenders Now Available For $19.99 On Switch, PS4, Steam
Aegis Defenders

Humble Bundle and Guts Department announced that Aegis Defenders is currently available for the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC for $19.99.

The game has been in the making for a long time, and originally came onto the scene back in the middle of 2014, where Guts Department was seeking funding to bring Aegis Defenders to life via Kickstarter. The game managed to hit its goal and work began on the hybrid tower-defense, side-scrolling platformer.

The original vision for the title centered around Clu the hunter and Bart the engineer. The unlikely duo were set about protecting the land while using whatever they could get their hands on to fight off the enemies they encountered.

Over the course of development, Guts Department greatly expanded the scope of Aegis Defenders, including additional playable classes and refining the gameplay around tower defense mechanics rather than run-and-gun platforming.

They also added some fan favorites such as Shovel Knight from the eponymous gaming series and characters from Awesomenauts.

You can check out the updated trainer below to see what the new gameplay mechanics and characters are like.

In a surprising twist, Guts Department actually bared more of Clu’s flesh in the updated version, turning the long black pants into short-shorts.

You’ll be able to switch between the different characters depending on the skills you’ll need for a specific segment, and there’s also the inclusion of a cooperative mode where you can use a pair of Joy-Cons to play with a dynamic split-screen option on the Nintendo Switch.

The game was always flying low under the radar likely due to the fact that the developers didn’t put politics front and center everywhere, but one would have thought that due to the cast of characters the media would have been all over it?

Anyway, you can learn more by visiting the official Aegis Defenders website.


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