Ash Of Gods Trailer Explains How The Rogue-Like Storytelling Works
Ash of Gods

AurumDust’s Ash of Gods just received a trailer detailing the game’s rogue-like storytelling. The Russian developers have been putting in a lot of time and a lot of energy into bringing the crowdfunded project to life and now they’re beginning to see the fruits of their labor.

The newest trailer covers the game’s rogue-like storytelling mechanics, which is based on the game’s theme of having no rules about the way the story unfolds only that the story must complete itself.

What this means is that the philosophy of storytelling isn’t based around game over screens for when any of the main characters die. The game can continue onward even if the main hero falls in battle, not unlike Stoic Studios’ The Banner Saga. You can scope out the trailer below to get a full explanation of how the system works.

And just like The Banner Saga, if a character loses a limb or gets permanently injured, they will have to live with those injuries.

There’s a strong theme based around the moral ambiguity of what’s right and how you should make decisions that affect the lives of the characters in the game. Where anyone can die it means you have to pick and choose your way through Ash of Gods wisely.

And just like The Banner Saga the game also features turn-based, grid-based combat. You’ll have to rely on tactical awareness and positioning to make the most of your units.

The game’s interesting art-style and design is based around classic Soviet-era cartoons, which isn’t much a surprise given the makeup of the development team. And the full version of Ash of Gods will feature both PvE and PvP modes, so if you get tired of going through the single-player campaign you’ll be able to tackle the multiplayer as well for a little extra replayability.

You can look for the game to launch this March as a DRM-free title on, or for home consoles such as the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo. For further information on this crowdfunded rogue-like, narrative-driven RPG, feel free to visit the official Ash of Gods website.


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