Assault Gunners HD, Third-Person Action Mech Game Heads To Steam PS4 March 20th
Assault Gunners HD

Marvelous Entertainment announced that Assault Gunners HD Edition is making its way to Steam for PC and for the PlayStation 4 starting March 20th next month. The third-person action mech title originally came out for the PlayStation Vita, but given that no one buys or plays PS Vita games, they figured they could reach a much larger audience by porting the game to PC and PS4.

You can look to get your hands on the standard edition for $9.99 or you can get the Complete Set, which contains all of the game’s DLC for $11.99. Alternatively if you buy the standard edition of the game but decide you want the DLC later, you can get the extra DLC pack for $4.99. Really, it would just be better to get the complete set rather than buying the game and DLC separately.

The game is a throwback to the Armored Core, anime-inspired shooters from yesteryears. It’s set in the mysterious 208X and is themed around the terraformation of Mars. While humans colonize the planet for habitation, a massive war breaks out on Earth and everyone turns into refugees attempting to flee to Mars. However, chaos follows the flesh suits to the red planet, and things eventually go sour after attempting to recreate civilization on Mars. Players take on the role of a peace keeping force sent in to take out the disruptors and bring peace back to Mars.

The third-person shooter plays out similar to some of the recent Gundam games from Bandai Namco, or FromSoftware’s Metal Wolf Chaos. The gameplay is fast and dynamic and you’ll have an arsenal of explosive weapons at your disposal.

It’s the sort of game for the gamer looking for a fast-paced and high-octane mech shooter. It’s bizarre that we actually don’t have more of these games on home consoles right now. Back during the mid-aughts they used to be highly prevalent on the consoles, with games like Zone of the Enders and MechAssault being available, in addition to other titles.

Anyway, Assault Gunners HD Edition sports 35 different missions, an Inferno Mode that is actually a horde mode that spans five different maps, a fully robust mech customization system where you can outfit your mech with more than 100 different options, and fully voiced navigators that will speak to you in Japanese.

You can add the game to your wishlist or keep an eye on it by visiting the Steam store page.


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