Attack Of The Earthlings Has Players Attacking A Mining Corp As Aliens
Attack of the Earthlings

In a role reversal to the typical “kill all the aliens while we mine their resources” scenario, developer Team Junkish are working on releasing Attack of the Earthlings on February 8th, which sees players taking control of various alien species as they invade and attempt to overthrow a corporate mining facility known as Galactoil.

A new teaser trailer was released, but you likely won’t glean much from the trailer when it comes to learning about the actual gameplay or motivations of the aliens. The trailer does attempt to hit some dark comedy bits, however. You can check it out below.

As for the actual gameplay… you’ll have several different alien types at your command, as they must stealthily sneak through the Galactoil facility, eating humans, converting their flesh into nutrients in order to evolve, and taking down Galactoil’s security forces without getting obliterated.

There are different classes and grades of the alien units you’ll have at your disposal, where being able to eat or use the flesh of the Galactoil workers is what will determine how successful you are in your mission as you attempt to evolve your units and grow your forces.

The game features voiceover work from popular Vine artist SungWon Cho, better known on social media as ProZD, who also did voiceover work for games such as Paradigm and the beloved A Hat In Time. The music is being put together composer Mikolai Stroinski, the same composer behind The Witcher 3: Blood & Wine and The Astronauts’ Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

The game definitely reminds me of Invisible Inc., which plays out in a very similar fashion. There were a string of games that came out that were very similar to one another in the isometric stealth style of gameplay very much like Attack of the Earthlings, such as Crookz. So gamers who enjoy that style of strategy sub-genre might take a liking to the game.

You can look for Attack of the Earthlings to launch on the Steam store starting February 8th.


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