Bad Samaritan Trailer Has David Tennant Embracing His Inner Jigsaw

Bad Samaritan

The trailer for the upcoming film Bad Samaritan is a little long in the tooth. It stretches for just under three minutes in length but it feels like its always on the border of being too long and spoiling the highlights of the film. In fact, it does spoil some of the highlights of the film.

The first 30 seconds sets up the premise: Two young delinquents steal and rob from people while working as valets at an upper scale restaurant. They make meager cash but take goods from rich people’s homes by using the GPS system to go back to their place and break into their house. However, things turn sour… really sour when they encounter David Tennant’s character after he pulls up in a Maserati. You can check the trailer out below courtesy of MoveAccessTrailers.

The hook for the film is that one of the delinquents ends up going to Tennant’s house, and finding out that he’s got a chick locked up inside.

Things get worse yet when he finds what appears to be a torture room.

Unable to rescue the girl, the delinquent returns the car after Tennant finishes his meal. However, the boy attempts to do the right thing by going to the police. Unfortunately for him, Tennant moves the girl and cleans up evidence of his little underground pizza operation.

Now this alone would have been good enough to convince me that the film could be interesting, but they decide to keep going, and in a way I feel a lot of the tension is deflated by showing way too many of the plot elements, the character development and what appears to be the final showdown.

I definitely would have preferred a bit more reservation in terms of visual giveaways, but I’m guessing they’re going for the PG-13 audience and they needed to dumb the trailer down enough to lure in the teenagers.

The film seems to position Tennant as a Jigsaw-style killer, not unlike the one from SAW. However, there’s the obvious nods to Disturbia, which was in itself a re-imagining of Rear Window. Only this time around the trailer makes no qualms about Tennant being a bad Samaritan right from the start. The film itself could go either way, but it looks like a thriller designed to keep people on their toes.

You can look for Bad Samaritan to land in a theater near you.

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