Beautiful Desolation, Post-Apoc RPG Adds DOOM Composer Mick Gordon To Project

Beautiful Desolation

South African developers The Brotherhood, have announced that DOOM composer, Mick Gordon, has joined their crowdfunded project, Beautiful Desolation.

The Brotherhood’s Christopher Bischoff obviously had words of praise to dump over Gordon given his recent award-worthy work on id Software’s 2016 outing of DOOM, mentioning in the press release…

“Collaborating with such an experienced and engaged artist allows for us to convey ideas, emotions and backstory for each track, so he can create his own musical vision for DESOLATION. We’re thrilled to work with this legend!”

Gordon has surged recently in the spotlight for making some hardcore soundtracks and really helping bring a game like DOOM to life. The Brotherhood hopes that Gordon can tape into Beautiful Desolation and also bring the game to life just like id’s 2016 first-person shooter outing.

Beautiful Desolation is set in the far future of Africa, in a post-apocalyptic scenario following the emergence of strange creatures and the technology they brought with them. After the desolation took place and the dust settled, players take on the role of a traveler who makes their way through Sub-Sahara Africa.

The Brotherhood, coming off the success of their isometric horror game Stasis, wanted to focus on bringing their hometown of Africa to life in a way that hasn’t been done before in a game. It’s a rarely explore territory mostly due to the fact that people see it as a violent and barren wasteland of tribal history and uninteresting mythology. It’s not hard to blame people for that perception when it’s the only noteworthy bit of news that emerges about the country: war, famine, raping and pillaging.

In a way, the turmoil and struggles for survival won’t escape the narrative of Beautiful Desolation, and the forlorn African atmosphere will play a large role in how players explore and uncover the mysteries behind the post-apocalyptic setting.

Given the current tragedies happening in South Africa, some have already stated that the real life country is on its way to mirroring Beautiful Desolation.

The game is still a ways off from release, but you can learn more about the development by visiting the Kickstarter page to stay up to date on the development.