Blackbeard’s Cove Combines GTA’s Open-World With Historical Exploration
Blackbeard Cove

It’s not often that you would expect a game about exploring Captain Blackbeard’s capsized ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, would appear in context both as a historical adventure game and as an open-world exploration title.

The game is like a mix of Nicholas Cage’s National Treasure meets Grand Theft Auto, but without any of the violence or henchmen from either property. Yes, the game is rated ‘E’ for Everyone is all about finding ways to get your hands on clues so you can explore the sunken ship.

There are no weapons to murder people with and no violent antics to partake in. Instead you’ll use your funds that you gather from finding clues to purchase new vehicles and use those vehicles to travel around town to unlock more clues until you can finally access a submarine and explore the ocean to find Blackbead’s ship.

Supposedly there will be 50 hours worth of gameplay in Blackbeard’s Cove, and a total of 30 asset-acquired vehicles to commandeer throughout the gameplay, ranging from cars and tanks to helicopters and boats.

TAS Systems’ last game outing was the 2017 release of Beetlejuice: Bad As Can, which was a side-scrolling game based on Bettlejuice from the Howard Stern Show. The game didn’t garner much attention or user reviews.

This lack of pedigree on the developers’ part does have some gamers questioning in the forums whether or not Blackbeard’s Cove is going to be a real game or if it’s just going to be an open-world asset flipped title like Vaping Simulator.

TAS Systems states that they will address some of the concerns of the community once Blackbeard’s Cove is finally finished and made available on Steam. According to the description they also plan on adding a multiplayer component at some point down the line, but it seems a bit hazy right now as to whether or not that would make the cut.

You can keep your eye on Blackbeard’s Cove by visiting the Steam store page.


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