Cattle And Crops To Release On Steam Early Access On February 13th

Want to try your hand at the green pastures of Cattle and Crops? Masterbrain Bytes aims to ship the farming simulator to PC via Steam Early Access on February 13th.

Masterbrain Bytes is one of the many survivors of the now defunct Steam Greenlight that might have a successful game in the works. Named Cattle and Crops, the farming simulator aims to be realistic and feature “long-lasting fun.”

One of the much older trailers of Cattle and Crops showing muddy conditions, traction, stability, and weather conditions can be seen right here.

According to Cattle and Crops’ official Steam Early Access description, the act of skillfully avoiding unnecessary paths will be a thing. This also doubles over when driving on the field to keep soil compaction low so your plants can spring forth their roots in loose soil.

On the topic of plant growth, plants can grow and die based on multiple factors like moist soil, different pH levels, extreme temperature, NPK fertilizers and diseases.

In addition to the above, you can counter these effects by hiring AI workers to tend to your farmland. These workers can also assist you on your farm in various ways, too.

Lastly, the devs have made mention that Cattle and Crops will feature mods and that player made mods will be thoroughly supported. You can read what the devs have up on their Greenlight page about mods:

“For us, easy modding is a crucial part of any game experience. We’ll actively support your modding efforts by providing modding video tutorials and the tools we use during game development, including an ingame map and vehicle editor.”

If you want to get behind the tractor and fulfill your farming dreams you can in the next two days as of this writing. You can learn more about Masterbrain Bytes and Cattle and Crops by hitting up its Steam page or


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