Code: Realize, Otome Visual Novel Launches March 30th For PS Vita, PS4
Code Realize Otome

Aksys Games announced that Code: Realize, an Otome visual novel, will make its way to the West for the very first time for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita.

The game will also come in two different special editions, one for the PS4 and one for the PS Vita. The PS Vita special edition will come with a full color printed cloth banner, featuring the romance-worthy dudes from the game, along with nine exclusive metal character pins, eight collectible bromide character cards, and a custom sleeve for the game.

The PS4 version of the special edition comes with the full-color banner, metal character pins, character cards, and includes Future Blessing and Guardians of Rebirth on a single disc, along with Code: Realize.

The press release also contains a quote from Akibo Shieh, the founder and CEO of Aksys Games, who had some good news for Otome fans, saying…

“Code: Realize fans have been waiting patiently and we’re excited to finally present them with a beautiful package of premium items that celebrate the gorgeous artwork and setting of the story,”. “With more titles coming up this summer, it’s a perfect time to fall in love with the visual novel again.”

So that’s interesting, right? Aksys has plans on releasing more Otome visual novels in the West this summer.

Last year XSeed Games had mentioned that they would be inclined to release more Otome visual novels if there was greater demand for them.

I guess Aksys is seeing enough sales from the Otome line of games that they’re willing to aggressively pursue the market enough to bring over more titles this summer.

As far as Code: Silence is concerned, the visual novel is about Cardia, a young girl who ends up alone and isolated in a mansion set in an alternate steampunk reality of 19th century London, England. Cardia ends up on a grand adventure when certain pursuers discover her blood is poisonous, and lethal to the touch. A thief named Arsene Lupin kidnaps her and a budding romance unfolds when Cardia meets various popular figures from Western literature while attempting to avoid the Royal Guard.

You can look for the game to make its debut in the West on the PS Vita and PS4 starting March 30th next month.


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