Crossing Souls, Retro-Themed Adventure Now Available For PS4, PC, PS Vita
Crossing Souls

Fourattic and Devolver Digital’s Crossing Souls is currently available right now for home consoles and PC. The game is a mixed-genre adventure title where five friends attempt to uncover a government conspiracy involving time-space villainy, science fiction fanfare, and rocking retrowave.

The game’s trailers have all been top notch. It may be a pixel game, but it features a lot of hand-drawn segments themed after Saturday morning cartoons from the 1980s. The game was originally announced three years ago, and Fourattic has been slaving away at it ever since. You can check out the launch trailer below to get an idea of what the gameplay and cinematics are like.

The game combines a lot of classic elements of other games into one, including 2D platforming segments, eight-direction beat-’em-up mechanics, and traditional puzzle solving.

There’s a strong mix of different genres based on popular properties from the 1980s, with the obvious influences being Back to the Future, E.T. and Ghostbusters.

The pixel art might end up turning off some gamers who only play hand-drawn games that uses sprites, and the multicultural cast members might also put off some gamers who are staunchly anti-immigration, and against multicultural mixing, so Fourattic may end up losing some gamers on that front.

However, the synth-pop soundtrack, action-oriented gameplay, and time-traveling antics might be enough to lure some gamers in looking for a new-school throwback to old-school pop-culture.

Most of the user reviews are all quite positive, praising the game for its cultural throwback, and feeling like it’s something that didn’t miss a beat while stepping right out of the era of excess.

If you’re the kind of gamer who needs to better understand who the developers are before you support the game because the developers’ politics are important to you, there’s a 12 minute behind-the-scenes documentary about the Spanish developers, Fourattic. You can check it out below.

The Unity powered game is now done and complete and up and out on available digital distribution outlets.

You can pick up Crossing Souls for $14.99 on home consoles and PC. The game is available on the Steam store with a 20% off discount during the first week. The game is also available on as well as a DRM-free offering as well.


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