Dandara, A Game About A Black Female Fighting Oppression Heads To Nintendo Switch
Dandara Nintendo Switch

Publisher Raw Fury and Brazilian developer Long Hat House recently announced Dandara, a game about a black woman fighting back against oppression (no really, it’s true) and it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The Brazilian developers working on the game formed their small outfit in 2014. The upcoming title is due out on February 6th, bringing the long development cycle for Dandara to a close.

The game itself is about the eponymous heroine fighting back against the oppression by moving through a “directionless” world. Players will navigate between gravity-defying levels while attempting to blast down the enemies and save the universe. You can view the trailer below.

Quite shockingly one would expect a game like Dandara to be downvoted into oblivion just based on its themes. However, there’s a surprising amount of support for the game from the YouTube community.

Usually a game attempting to bolster the Left’s push to have more black female leads who don’t need a man and can save the world from oppression would usually get hit pretty hard with downvotes, or mocked to oblivion, such as Sunset or Dishonored: Death to the Outsider.

Before you assume that YouTube has magically turned into a pro-diversity, pro-multicultural social media outlet, it turns out that majority of the commenters and viewers actually come from Brazil, and they are there to support the Brazilian indie developers.

This was similar to what happened to another Brazilian-made game, 99 Vitds, which also received a ton of support on YouTube from the Brazilian viewers but got shredded pretty bad in the user review scores once North Americans, Europeans and most English speaking gamers got a hold of the game and recognized that it wasn’t very fun to play, as noted in the review on this very site.

As for Dandara, there are also those in the comment section promoting Brazilian history, which is why it has so many upvotes and so much support from Brazilians.

What’s absent are comments from anyone who doesn’t support the current political agenda being pushed so heavily in the gaming industry. Many Brazilians apparently are okay with the Left’s agenda for multicultural politics pervading the gaming space… or maybe it’s just the Brazilians following Nintendo’s channel?

Anyway, Dandara is due out for the Nintendo Switch on February 6th on the Nintendo eShop.

[Update 2/8/2018: A rebuttal piece was published at the following link, offering an alternative view of the game and its development team.]


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