Darwin Project’s Final Beta Test Starts February 23rd

Darwin Project

Canadian developer Scavengers Studio announced that the final beta test for Darwin Project will commence this Friday on February 23rd and will run up through February 26th for PC gamers.

The final beta test will be available ahead of the game’s first quarter launch, which means that it’ll likely go live, in full, for PC and Xbox One gamers before March is out.

The beta test set to take place this weekend will have a pre-beta event in the form of a series of show matches that will be streamed between 2:00pm EST and 3:00pm EST this Friday, where gamers will get a sound understanding of how the game is played and what some of the highlights of the gameplay are like.

During the beta there will be a spectator mode made available via the Twitch live-streams, which previously was limited to Mixer users, and the developers have added the ability to host private matches. This is for people who want to goof around, play with friends, or setup grudge matches against other specific players.

In addition to the spectator mode, Scavengers Studio also implemented an anti-cheat system. They decided to get out ahead of the actual playerbase by adding cheat prevention methods to keep the game cheat-free during the early days of launching.

It’s amazing that Bluehole (now PUBG Corporation) didn’t at the very least launch with an anti-cheat tool. It was pretty scummy to just throw the game out there and then nine months later attempt to stop the widespread cheating epidemic.

Anyway, for the Darwin Project they’ve given some of the maps a makeover, including the Fort Town and Hilltop Chalet. They added a new male character model, new music, new sound effects and improved the quality of life features for the social functionality and user interface.

You can learn more about patch 1.7 by visiting the official website, or look for Darwin Project’s last and final beta to take place on February 23rd this weekend.

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