Deep Rock Galactic To Hit Steam Early Access And Xbox Game Preview On February 28th

Deep Rock Galactic sees “badass space Dwarves” looting planets that are 100% destructible. The action-oriented product from Coffee Stain and Ghost Ship Games will release for PC via Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview on February 28th.

Deep Rock Galactic would not be an indie game if it did not sport procedurally generated stages. This means that you must explore a network of cave systems and chasms filled with enemies to fight and rich loot to collect.

Exploring through these foreign caves out in space can be made that much easier by picking the right class out of the four available archetypes that include: Gunner, Scout, Driller and Engineer.

On the topic of four, you and three other people will be able to play Deep Rock Galactic together, since co-op and four player teamwork is said to be a priority if you want to survive. While first-person shooting and Sci-Fi are elements that make up a good amount of content for this low-poly game, teamwork is said to get you and your team out of any sticky situation quickly.

The game itself can be looked over thanks to Coffee Stain publishing Deep Rock Galactic’s latest Release Date trailer, as seen below.

If you didn’t catch it from the trailer above, Coffee Stain and Ghost Ship Games will ship Deep Rock Galactic across PC via Steam Early Access and Xbox One through its Xbox Game Preview program on February 28th.

In addition to the above, this means that the game, when tweaked and fixed via player feedback, will see yet another debut date through an official launch. It’s unclear how long this game will stay in Early Access, but there is a current estimate set by the devs:

“We are estimating somewhere between 1 or 2 years development before we are ready to move out of Early Access. It is practically impossible for us to give a reliable estimate at this point, however – we have so many ideas on how to improve and expand upon the game, and more come up all the time.”

You can learn more about Deep Rock Galactic by paying or its Steam page a visit.


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