Digital Extremes Reveal Venus As Warframe’s Next Open World Segment

Warframe is shaping up to expand once more, except this time instead of a regular update the free-to-play online space-ninja game will see yet another Plains of Eidolon-like expansion for Venus. Digital Extremes’ Warframe is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Digital Extremes, the ones behind Warframe, have shown off the next Plains of Eidolon-like expansion, which will be for the fiery second planet from the Sun: Venus.

If you don’t know, Venus is under full Corpus-control meaning that Crewman and Proxies inhabit the planet/sector. Unlike the now bitterly contested planet Mars, which sees both Corpus and Grineer fighting for total domination, the Venus node will reflect the ruler’s work throughout.

Screenshots showing the terraformed fiery planet can be seen right here, which will later become a playable node in Warframe.

The planet is naturally hot due to its position near the Sun. The Warframe universe sees an extreme form of temperature control that involves forming coolant glaciers in the sky and sending them down to the planet’s surface.

In addition to the above the melted coolant is cultivated and facilitated by cooling towers to help regulated surface temperatures due to the Sun. Digital Extremes, however, did note that Winter storms will be a thing, but there won’t be a day and night cycle.

The Venus open world segment will be double in size over the previous Plains of Eidolon node, with devs saying that they are working on a better way to process terrain that looks better from a far and detailed up close without being a performance burden.

The last two things worth noting is that there will be a new group on this Venus node called Solaris United, who are forced to work under the Corpus. Their job is to handle processing coolant underground, cleaning and refining various substances for the faction. The other thing is that Gun Zaws might be featured on this node, so look at for those things.

Tactical Potato has a rundown video on the update, which Warframe itself is out now for PC PS4, and Xbox One.


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