Earthworms, Point-And-Click Game Mimics Edward Hopper’s Paintings

All Those Moments Studio announced that their next game under publisher Ultimate Games and PlayWay is called Earthworms and it’s currently available on Steam for $5.99. The game is a point-and-click title that mimics the art style of Edward Hopper’s slice-of-life realist paintings that captured small bits of Americana.

Players take on the role of Daniel White, a detective investigating a small town that has undergone a supernatural phenomena. It’s like one of those old pulp comic book detective mysteries that came out back during the 1950s themed around alien invasions and mind control. Obviously, it’s no coincide that they would choose an art-style that is mirrored after an American artist who complimented the visual wonder of that era so well.

You can snag a look at Earthworms in action with the trailer below.

As depicted, you’ll utilize traditional point and click mechanics, investigating the surroundings, talking to suspects and attempting to solve the mystery in the sleepy but eerie town.

There’s an element of The Dark Seed that seems to make its way throughout the presence of Earthworms. You’ll use Daniel White’s psychokinetic powers to look into the past and help discover what’s going on in the town. Also, what’s up with that dude with the Cthulhu tentacles in the cryo-tub with all those tubes? Creepy.

Another big element of Earthworms is that the music will play a big part in bringing the atmosphere to life. Piotr Surmacz explained in the press release what the soundtrack meant for him and how he approached designing the sound to elicit a response from players…

“This is my first large game soundtrack, which is why I am very curious about the players’ responses. The pictorial graphics from the beginning reminded me of a dreamy vision. In contrast, I weighed it down with dirty music anchors. In most stages we hear drones, synthesizers and percussion from the borderline of ambient, electric noir and shamanic tribal music. I inserted different textures and melodies in these compositions that – I hope – will stay in people’s ears longer”

The game is only $5.99 but it’s 20% off during the first week of being on sale on the Steam store so you can grab it for $4.79. Additionally there’s a bundle pack available for $7.98 that comes with the soundtrack, but it’s also discounted by 26% off for only $5.92.


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