Escape Doodland Is A Doodle And Scribble Endless Runner Coming To Steam

Escape From Doodland

AppSide Down and PlayWay S.A.’s Escape Doodland is an upcoming endless runner with action-oriented arcade platforming with support for single-player and multiplayer in a 2.5D doodle and scribble world.

Now I’m not kidding about the doodling and the scribbling. The art-style is themed after the sort of drawings you would find in a five-year-old’s sketch book. The game’s charming doodle art-style can be deceiving, though. The main objective is to escape from the death and destruction taking place in Doodland. You’ll have to flee for your life by running, jumping, and dodging obstacles all while a giant purple monster that eats everything in its path is hounding you down.

You can either play the game solo or team up with a few friends to overcome the odds. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The swinging big band soundtrack, the colored pencil art-styl,e and the outrageously deformed and sometimes adorable creatures really makes this game stand out. It reminds me of a new-age version of Runman from long ago in an indie-verse far away. However you can see that parts of it also seems to mirror games like Don’t Starve and Limbo.

The developers at appSide Down also seem to have a fascination with objects that excrete undesirable phlegm and equally undesirable gases. Plenty of noises seem to accompany the wind-breaking antics of the Doodland inhabitants.

While parts of the game obviously are designed to be purposefully ugly, I like how other parts of the game seem to have a real ominous atmosphere about it. You can tell there’s a lot of character put into Doodland, which could make it a sleeper hit when it lands on Steam during the second quarter of this year.

I don’t know how much playability you could get out of a game like Escape From Doodland, but if you were interested in learning more or keeping an eye on this charmingly disgusting new side-scroller, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.