Evangelion Content Arrives In MapleStory For A Limited Time
MapleStory x Evangelion

Nexon may be working on getting MapleStory 2 finished in time for an international release at some point in the near future, but in the meantime they’re still pumping out new events and content for the original MapleStory, including a special crossover event featuring the characters and content from the very popular anime, Evangelion.

Starting February 28th and lasting through March 27th, 2018, gamers will be able to interact with various characters from the Evangelion series, including Rei, Shinji, and Asuka. The characters and the EVA units end up in the MapleStory universe through a inter-dimensional rift, and it’s up to players to complete special events and unlock rare items in order to help the EVA pilots out.

Maplestory x Evangelion

As you complete the quests you’ll unlock EVA coins that can be traded in for a limited time in order to earn medals, chairs and permanent equipment. I imagine if you want to deck your characters out in EVA gear you’ll likely want to jump in on the event between the end of February and the end of March.

Some of the unlockable content will be available through surprise boxes that contain accessories and costumes for your characters based around Evangelion. There are also special androids that and hair coupons based around the property that you can unlock by acquiring special random boxes.

MapleStory Evangelion Event

As pictured in the image above, there are also some enemy Angels from Evangelion that will make an appearance in the game, too.

This kind of seems like an odd combination but I imagine that this will be very popular with the otaku and weeb communities.

Part of me is still amazed that an MMO like MapleStory is still ticking and living for as long as it has. But if you’re interested in taking part in the event you can grab the client right now from over on the official website and wait for February 28th to roll around.


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