Fable Fortune Graduates Early Access And Goes Free-to-Play On Feb 22nd

Yet another alumni of Early Access is set to take place this month, this time being Mediatonic and Flaming Fowl Studios’ Fable Fortune. The free-to-play card game will exit from the Early Access and will be available on Steam and Windows 10 for PC, and Xbox One for home console users.

After spending seven months cooking in the Early Access oven, Fable Fortune is coming out in full to give gamers a deckbuilding, card-collecting experience not unlike Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and GWENT.

Microsoft actually signed off on Fable Fortune despite pulling the plug on Fable Legends. The reason for the sign-off? Because it was a cheap card game.

Oddly enough the Early Access has been a paid-for product since entering into Early Access back in July of 2017. You actually had to pay $14.99 to play the version in development. People who waited and kept the schlong of currency in the pants of their wallet get to play the game for free without paying a dime to access anything.

The full game features single-player and online multiplayer card-battling PvP. For those of you who acquired the Founder’s Pack, you’ll have access to 20 additional cards over the people who don’t spend a dime.

Like many other CCGs out there, there’s a campaign mode where you can take on the role of one of the six heroes of Albion and either save or destroy the land as a vessel of good or evil, which has always been a common theme in the Fable games. I imagine Microsoft will use this as a test bed to see if the Fable franchise has anything else worth milking before moving on elsewhere and either keeping the franchise around or burying out behind a shed.

You can learn more about Fable Fortune by visiting the Steam store page or by checking out the Xbox game listing.


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