Fight Of Gods Adds Freyja DLC… While Still In Early Access
Fight of Gods Freyja

Digital Crafter and PQube did something that a lot of gamers are oftentimes not very fond of: they released some paid DLC for their Early Access game, Fight of Gods. The new DLC features the Norse mythological leader of the Valkyrja, Freyja, who comes with her very own musical theme and stage.

You can pick up the Freyja DLC from over on the Steam store for $2.99.

Freyja joins a host of other gods and mythological personalities from Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Greek and Norse folklore.

Some gamers have already noted that they’re not terribly fond of this decision from Digital Crafter, with comments on the YouTube channel and on the Steam forums pointing out that adding paid DLC to an Early Access game that isn’t finished seems like a greedy business move. Kritarion explains…

“DLC for Early Access? Umm, what? The game isnt even finished, buying it now supports the development. Why the F*ck do you sell DLC for an unfinished game? Priorities, check them.”

Some tried to make the excuse that the developers can charge for the new characters because they update the game with a lot of fixes and balances. It is true that with the launch of Freyja they added tons of fixes and updates to the game as noted over on the changelog, balancing out various attacks and character moves.

Fight of Gods - Freyja Poster

Even still, people on the update page weren’t thrilled with squeezing in DLC for a game that’s still in Early Access.

If the DLC sells well enough, don’t expect Digital Crafter to pull back on the tactic. People may not like it but money talks after all.

The company is also still taking requests for additional characters to add to the roster over on the pinned forum thread.

The most consistently requested character is still Muhammad from Islam. Perhaps with enough cajoling the developers at Digital Crafter might finally give in and risk life and limb to add Muhammad?


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