Fighting EX Layer Adds Shadowgeist To Roster Ahead Of June Release

Arika’s fighting game Fighting EX Layer has a new character to join the growing roster. The newly announced character happens to be that of Shadowgeist, while the official game itself is set to launch digitally for PS4 worldwide near the end of June.

Catching wind from publication site Gematsu it is said that Fighting Layer EX will launch digitally for PS4 before the end of June. The game will feature different versions like a “standard edition” that runs for $59.99, and include 15 Gougi decks and 12 characters, and a “Light edition” that includes five Gougi decks and 10 characters for $39.99.

As for downloadable content or DLC, the game will call for stuff like “Type-A” and “Type-Gold” character color variations to be a downloadable thing. In other words, if you are into changing colors and making your character(s) look different it comes in as DLC.

The publication site also touched on a new character to enter the roster, which comes in as Shadowgeist. Standing as the header image, the fighter, Shadowgeist, will be joined by two more character who are still veiled.

The site also listed characters that have been announced in the existing roster. You can view the ten characters revealed so far that will appear in Fighting EX Layer:

  • Allen Snider
  • Blair Dame
  • Darun Mister
  • Doctrine Dark
  • Garuda
  • Hokuto / Shirase
  • Jack or Cracker Jack
  • Kairi
  • Shadowgeist
  • SkulloMania

The site also pointed out other details that will likely change fence sitters position on the game. The info shared notes the game will not have a Story Mode, however there is a single-player mode that hasn’t been announced yet, no support for legacy controllers at launch, and the game will only feature Japanese voice-overs.

At the moment Fighting EX Layer will not launch for PC, however Arika said that if the game performs above expectations and gamers receive it openly, it could gain a physical release, as well as a PC version through Steam.

Fighting EX Layer is set to launch digitally for PS4 worldwide sometime near June, 2018. If you want more info on this game you can watch a live stream video that Arika posted up.


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