German Youth Protection Commission Weighs In On Loot-Box Controversy

The loot-box fiasco has reached a level where government bodies from all around the world are giving their thoughts on the situation. This includes the German Youth Protection Commission weighing in on the loot-box controversy.

If you thought the whole loot-box thing was over with, well it seems that the fight to consider “the service type feature” gambling or not is still going on regarding different government bodies.

The latest participant to join in and weigh if loot-boxes are gambling or not happens to be that of the German Youth Protection Commission. The information about the German Youth Protection Commission comes in by publication site GameRant.

The publication explains that the German Commission for Youth Media Protection of the State Media Authorities is internally discussing how to deal with the issue.

Wolfgang Kreißig, the chairman of said commission, believes that loot-boxes are a danger to children and imagines that said service feature violates the ban on gambling for minors:

“I think that it’s imaginable that loot boxes violate the ban on gambling for children and minors.”

The German commission or authority must come to a decisive decision regarding loot-boxes this March. That means the German commission group has one month to decide their take on loot-boxes.

The reason behind so many government bodies having to weigh in on the current “loot-box” and “games as a service” model is due to how some games handled them at launch.

As it stands now, Democratic member of the Hawaii House of Representatives, Chris Lee, and Washington state senator, Keven Ranker, oppose the ideal of loot-boxes and believe that they are “predatory”. Both Lee and Ranker are in agreement that this practice should be regulated and are currently looking for a solution.

Only time will tell how this whole loot-box and government research of said service model will pan out.

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