God Wars The Complete Legend Heads To Nintendo Switch Fall, 2018
God Wars The Complete Legend

Gamers in the West will be able to experience God Wars: The Complete Legend for the Nintendo Switch starting this fall in North America and Europe. The game will be available as a physical and digital release.

NIS America announced that the complete edition of the game comes with the base God Wars title and the expansion DLC pack, which includes a new playable character named Orihime, and the all new Legend of Yomi DLC, which features over 50 stages and the playable Prince of Hyuga, Momotaro. You’ll also have access to his crew of playable subordinates as well. The new DLC introduced additional endings to the game, expanding on what was present in the base game. If you already owned the base game for PS4 and PS Vita, you’ll be able to purchase the new DLC via the PlayStation Network.

In addition to the expansion content, NIS America also decided to make some quality of life upgrades to the base game of God Wars, which will be available in the Nintendo Switch version and as an update for God Wars: Future Past owners who have the game on PS Vita or PS4.

God Wars The Complete Legend - Combat

God Wars: The Complete Legend is a strategy role-playing game based on Japanese mythology. It combines certain Eastern historical elements with a healthy dose of Japanese folklore and fictional storytelling.

Players will attempt to uncover the secret behind Queen Tsukuyomi’s decision to sacrifice her daughter to appease the ancestral spirits who have warred over the three divided nations of Fuji, Izumo, and Hyuga. Tsukoyomi’s other daughter, Princess Kaguya, is joined by her childhood friend Kintaro, as the duo attempt to restore peace and order to the land while defying the fate of making another sacrifice to appease the gods.

The actual gameplay is similar to other classic titles like Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre. You’ll command your party in isometric battle sequences while tactically making use of the environment and each of the character’s skill sets to overcome the odds.

You can look for the complete edition to make its way onto the Nintendo Switch this fall.


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