Heathen Video Previews Far Cry-Inspired Gameplay, Abilities
Heathen Gameplay

There’s a new game in the works from Frog Factory called Heathen. This game actually first made its debut on the scene back in 2016 as a Greenlight title. The CryEngine-powered shooter was quickly greenlit by the community and has been in development since then as Frog Factory polish up the gameplay and move it closer towards release. Well, ahead of its launch some new gameplay has popped up, giving gamers 21 minutes worth of footage showcasing what you can expect from the Far Cry-style shooter.

The game is loosely based on H.G. Wells’ Island of Dr. Moreau, where an island filled with beastly creatures turns hostile, and players attempt to reclaim the island and wipe out anyone who stands in your way. The theme and gameplay is very similar the earlier Far Cry: Instincts and Far Cry: Predator games, where the focus was on manipulating special abilities to overcome the odds.

YouTuber MathChief has the footage uploaded their channel, which you can check out below.

The video starts with players in a makeshift raft, moving hurriedly down a foggy, muddy river.

The player character gets out of the boat and then proceeds to traverse through the jungle area where they shoot down some mutants running through the jungle.

The shooting mechanics are okay but the animations themselves glitch and snap at times, especially in between the reloading animations.

Based on the player-model hands it looks like you’re playing as a female? Anyway, the game uses a lot of the standard Far Cry tropes, including having plenty of towers to climb and enemy outposts to overtake.

We see that some of the mutants don’t at all get along with some of the other human inhabitants. The mutants and humans get into battles, and players can even use this to their advantage by flanking the gunmen while they’re preoccupied with the mutants..

There are also specialty enemies. One of the them starts screaming and creating deadly vibrations for the player, and they end up getting dispatched rather quickly.

Heathen - Wicker Warrior

The player ends up cranking a lever to and getting inside of the fortress, fighting off some wicker warriors in the process while activating some sort of special mutant abilities.

The game plays out very much like Far Cry: Instincts.

One thing worth pointing out is that Heathen has some exceptional sound design. The ambiance, the environmental effects, and the weather all help create a really dynamic and engaging auricular experience. Hats off to the sound engineers for that. Hopefully they don’t get fired for making Conservative comments on Twitter by oversensitive bosses.

Another highlight is the fire effects. The flames and fire from explosive material almost looks real, which is a nice step up from the glowing emitter effects used in so many other console games these days in order to spare the consoles from over-extending their resource budget.

It looks like you’ll have a number of different otherworldly abilities at your disposal, as well.

The game is still heavy in development but the first episode is supposed to be coming out. You can keep track of the development by visiting the official website.


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