Hellbound, 1990’s Inspired FPS Closed Beta Now Live Via Steam

Saibot Studios announced that you can pre-order Hellbound right now to gain instant access to their closed beta of the upcoming hardcore first-person shooter. The game is a violent and gory throwback to the classic 1990’s shooters that helped shape the genre and multiple generations to come.

Since a lot of studios have failed to evolve the FPS genre or make memorable and fun games in the shooter category that stand the test of time, some developers are deciding to strip it all down and go back to the basics. Instead of trying to push the genre forward with bigger guns, sharper resolutions and higher pixel counts, some are content with simply trying to recapture what made first-person shooters great to begin with: fast-paced, hardcore, non-stop shooting fun.

With Hellbound, Saibot is hoping to rekindle some of the nostalgia and love that gamers acquired for the FPS genre back in the 1990s. You can get a small taste of what they have store in the trailer below from Mathchief.

The closed beta, which is currently underway, features a small taste of Hellbound’s combat. Basically it will give only a small portion of the Survival Mode, which is a horde mode featuring tons of enemies coming at you nonstop while you attempt to use whatever weapons you can get your hands on in order to stop them dead in their tracks. The beta features six different enemies and five different guns to test out, along with the original soundtrack and a global leaderboard.

The combat looks like something right out of the Apogee or Epic Games shareware playbook just with a fresh coating of 3D paint.

You can gain instant access to the closed beta and join 20,000 other gamers by pre-ordering the game for $9.99. Of course, we all know how people really feel about pre-orders around these parts, so it’s probably best to follow your gut on this one.

Alternatively, you can sign-up to participate in the beta by paying a visit to the official website and filling out the quick sign-up form in hopes of getting a closed beta key. Hellbound is due for release later this year on Steam for PC.


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