Hokuto Ga Gotoku Videos Show Off Mini-Games, Fighting, Deserts And More
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Sega and the Yakuza Studio have released a pair of new trailers revealing more of the PS4 exclusive action-adventure game Hokuto ga Gotoku. The pair of videos show off playable mini-games, fighting segments, the dangerous desertscape and more.

The devs have followed up on the most recent playable demo of Hokuto ga Gotoku via PS4 in Japan info with a new pair of videos. That’s right, the devs have released two more Hokuto ga Gotoku videos diving head first into the desert wasteland and content found in Eden.

Without wasting any time, the first video focuses heavily on the desert that Kenshiro will have to explore. Instead of treacherously having to walk everywhere, you can explore the wasteland by using a buggy that can be customized and upgraded.

In addition to the above, special “Treasure Boxes” can be found by exploring the desert, and you can partake in races or test your skills in mini-game race segments. Thanks to Broadcast Ryugagotoku you can view the first video here.

The second video’s perspective leaves the desert and focuses on the city of Eden. You will be able to fight enemies, play various mini-games (including older classic titles), take up bounties, play rhythm games, roam the nightclub, and shop stores.

Running around the same length as the first video comes the second, which is up for your viewing pleasures thanks to Broadcast Ryugagotoku.

No Western release date has been announced yet, meaning that if you aren’t in Japan you will have to wait to see if Hokuto ga Gotoku will sport a Western version.

In the meantime, we do know that Hokuto ga Gotoku is due out for PS4 on March 8th, 2018 in Japan. If you have a Japanese PSN account you can download the PS4 demo now over on the Japanese PlayStation Store.


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