Horizon Chase Turbo AMA Takes Place Feb 21st At 11:00 am PST
Horizon Chase Turbo AMA

For those of you who have been following the Brazilian developers behind Horizon Chase Turbo on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably seen some really awesome short video sequences and screenshots of their upcoming PS4 drift-racer, Horizon Chase Turbo. The game is a classic throwback to titles like Outrun, Lotus Turbo Challenge and Crusin’ USA from the early and mid 1990s.

The game works as a spiritual successor to classics like Chase H.Q. from Taito Corp., which was an old-school arcade racer that made waves back in the late 1980s. The cover art for those games and on the side of the arcade cabinet were always fantastic, like a mix of Miami Vice meets Police Story.

Horizon Chase Turbo unfortunately doesn’t have splash art half as good as the classic Taito action-racing game, but thankfully it also doesn’t have the requirement of pumping endless amounts of quarters into the game in order to beat it.

Instead, you’ll simply have to rely on purchasing it once and using your wits and reflexes to race through more than 110 tracks scattered all across the globe.

You can see what th egameplay is like with the teaser trailer below.

The game sports various classic super sports cars and a few gimmick vehicles from the 1980s, along with day and night tracks of varying calibers of difficulty. A two-player split-screen mode is also present for those of you who enjoy some local competitive play.

For those of you who still have plenty of questions about this retro-themed racer for the PlayStation 4, you can lob a few questions the way of the developers at Aquiris Studios starting tomorrow on February 21st starting at 11:00am Pacific Standard Time.

Both Sandro Manfredini and Amilton Diesel from the Brazilian development outfit will be on hand to answer your questions about Horizon Chase Turbo. You’ll be able to check out the AMA over on the Reddit IAmA page.


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