Incredibles 2 Trailer Leaves Some Viewers Arguing Over Pixar’s Feminist Intentions
Incredibles 2 Feminism

It was bound to happen. Pixar has been on a mission to appease the perpetually offended. We’ve seen hints and bits about this in various movies from the company, as they attempt to fit into today’s Social Justice-themed social media society, where certain check-boxes must be ticked in order avoid coming under scrutiny or extreme criticism from the Intersectional Inquisition. Well, the trailer for The Incredibles 2 that aired during the 2018 Olympics in Pyeonchang, South Korea, has already been on the receiving end of the ratiocination from discerning viewers.

The trailer was published on the Disney Pixar YouTube channel, clocking in at a minute and 30 seconds. It was just enough time to leave some viewers a bit perturbed at the message they gleaned from the trailer.

The like to dislike ratio isn’t bad, and clocks in favorably for the upcoming Pixar flick. However, it’s in the comment section where people have pointed out how the trailer came across as pushing current day feminism topical matters.

These users met with plenty of resistance from other users, even while some only questioned the potential sociopolitical messaging that they perceived Pixar is pushing through the trailer. There was a lot of negativity thrown toward some users just for noting that the trailer seemed strangely feminist in tone.

While there were nearly a hundred comments debating feminism and subliminal messaging in Pixar movies, a few females did come to Charles’ aid, along with a few others who pointed out that the trend of pushing feminism in movies is now a common standard in most Hollywood films as a way to feminize a franchised property without running the risk of creating an all new intellectual property.

Of course, there were also plenty of comments about people complaining about the feminist themes. Male feminist allies and feminists were quick to forfend the prevailing thought about Incredibles 2 being feminist from catching on widely within the comment section.

It appears as if even supposed family films like The Incredibles 2 aren’t safe from the contentious conflagration of communication when it comes to topics themed around cultural Marxism and the Intersectional Inquisition.

Pixar expects to have The Incredibles 2 up and out in theaters by June 15th.


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