Kai’sa, League of Legend’s Latest Champion Revealed
League of Legends Kai'sa

Riot Games has a brand new character for the League of Legends community, giving the diehard fans an opportunity to learn how to master the abilities and the special intricacies of an interesting new long range combatant.

The new character is called the “Daughter of the void”, and she goes by the name of Kai’sa. This new warrior is an ADC and the latest addition to League of Legend‘s roster of champions. Her plasma based abilities would appear to be similar to that of Vel’Koz, however she has more in common with gunslingers like Lucian and Miss Fortune as her attacks are high intensity and made to unleash relentless damage on enemy targets.

There are two brand new videos released to give you a look at Kai’sa in action, showcasing some of her specials as well as giving you a look at her neutrals and some of her voice track taunts.

Her looks are just as exciting, carrying the colors of the void, she has two wings with a purple aura from which she can fire plasma bolts. She has no helmet but sports a gorgeous bodysuit which many newfound fans on Reddit have taken a liking to.

Her armor’s history, “Kai’Sa endured through sheer will and a symbiotic second skin adapted from a living Void creature” would also seem to point towards being a major source of R34 content in the near future (if that’s what you’re into). A brief video demonstration of how it looks can be viewed below.

The 12 minute video gives you a rundown of some of Kai’sa’s interactions with the other characters in the game, along with some of her best taunts that you’ll likely hear quite often throughout your gameplay sessions.

Oh, and I forgot to mention she’s got a British accent to top it all off, what a catch.


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