King Of Fighters XIV Trailer Reveals Heidern As DLC Character

King of Fighters XIV - Heidern

I already knew that Heidern was one of the new characters in the second DLC pack for King of Fighters XIV since he’s the only tall, lanky, military-dressed fighter in the King of Fighters series. He’s also the only one other than Leona who uses the knife-hand martial arts style in the game, so seeing him in his signature knife-hand pose was a dead giveaway as to who would be coming in the DLC.

Well, SNK Corporation finally unveiled the trailer for the N.E.S.T.-hunting tactician, joining his fellow compatriots in the Ikari Warriors team, including Leona, Clark and Ralph.

We also get to see Heidern fully rendered in 3D for eighth-gen systems, sporting his signature patch, beret, and black and red gloves. You can check out Heidern unleashing some military justice in the brief but visually informative trailer below.

Given SNK’s art-style for King of Fighters XIV, Heidern looks a heck of a lot younger than he should, especially compared to his earlier outings in the hand-drawn, sprite-based 2D fighters.

A lack of wrinkles and a smooth face gives him a young man’s air.

However, many of his moves and combos are the same. He still has mostly mid to close range attacks. Despite his size and reach, majority of Heidern’s moves focus on knife-edge arcs, chops, and sweeps, with plenty of circular motions to round out his attacks. However, you have to get really close in to take advantage of his moveset, since most of his attacks require you to get in close save for his projectiles and medium kicks, which give him the most range.

Heidern by far is no easy character to use, but he can be extremely difficult to counter given his long aerial reach and extended neutral game for his mid-kicks.

In the comment section a bunch of people are hoping that Blue Mary is one of the characters. However, based on the silhouette we know that whoever one of the characters is has puffy sleeves around the wrists. This led some people to believe previous King of Fighters organizer Chizuru could be coming back.

However, given the silhouette showing a rather draping spread of clothing on the ground, it appears that it’s more than likely Duolon, Ash’s partner.

SNK Corporation plans on releasing the new DLC this upcoming April, so we’ll likely find out who the last two characters are in March.

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