Konami Reveals Second Metal Gear Survive Beta For PC, PS4 And Xbox One

The abomination that is Konami’s Metal Gear Survive is coming back around to face gamers with another beta, except this time it will include a PC version. This means that if you want to try the game again you will now have three platforms to try it on before it drops for public consumption this February.

Konami has continued to cause disgruntlement among many Metal Gear fans with its upcoming title Metal Gear Survive; many see it as a farce to what Hideo Kojima originally built with Metal Gear Solid. The title had a previous beta that went live allowing folks to play the game well ahead of its launch on PS4 and Xbox One.

The interesting part about the previous beta was that it was live for PS4  and Xbox One players, which meant that PC players were left out of the loop. If you happen to be on PC and want to try the game, the beta is set to go live next week.

Furthermore, the beta will feature three missions across two maps in co-op mode. If you don’t know, the co-op mode can be played with up to four other players online.

The beta will also sport special daily missions. If these special daily missions are completed your character and those helping you will receive an in-game bonus for the full game that happens to be three accessory pieces: Fox Hound Name Plate, Metal Gear REX Head accessory, and Bandana accessory.

The upcoming beta for Metal Gear Survive will launch across PC, PS4, Xbox One. This means that for the first time PC players will be able to play Metal Gear Survive on the same date as PS4 and Xbox One players, which starts on February 16th and ends on February 18th.

The actual release date of Metal Gear Survive is slated for February 20th in North America and on February 22nd in Europe. Just like the second beta, Metal Gear Survive will launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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