Landflix Odyssey Is A 2D Platformer Based On Popular Streaming Shows

Landflix Odyssey

Fantastico Studios is working on a 2D platformer called Landflix Odyssey. You play as Larry, a binge-watching slacker who ends up getting transported into his favorite television programs as he attempts to stop a mad genius scientist. It’s like a plot right out of a hand-animated 3DO QTE game.

The plot for the game is pretty simple: Larry mistakenly puts nuclear batteries into his remote, which results in him being transported into his “Landflix” streaming service. He finds out that another dude is trapped in there, too, a scientist. However, a robot steals Larry’s remote and it causes the batteries to fly out into the different streaming shows. Players will have to guide Larry through the different shows to collect the batteries and escape back to the real world. Although, really, who would want to go back to the real world with all the bullcrap going on when they could live it up and wine and dine in Mad Men or get some hotties in Game of Thrones or live through Baleman’s adventures in The Dark Knight trilogy?

Anyway, you can check out the pitch video for Landflix Odyssey below.

The full game will feature five different worlds, five different power-up abilities, five different main bosses and five different sub-bosses.

Hilarously enough, the game spoofs popular shows such as Daredevil, Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. It’s kind of ironic that the developer are Italian, because back in the 70s and 80s the Italians were known for doing movie rip-offs of other popular media from around the world, especially Conan: The Barbarian and Mad Max with stuff like Ironmaster and Warriors of the Wasteland. I really miss those rip-off films, but I guess it’s cool that such a tradition is being carried on in the form of interactive entertainment.

There will also be segments based on The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, but in order to bring these different levels to life, the developers will need a little bit of a helping hand from the community to spruce up the graphics and finish polishing the game.

Landflix Odyssey currently has a $18,000 goal and 29 days left on the counter. If you think this is something worth supporting you can pay a visit to the Kickstarter page to learn more.

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