Last Epoch Trailer Showcases ARPG Magic, Combat, And Skill Trees
Last Epoch

The developers behind the game Last Epoch, Eleventh Hour Games, recently released a new trailer ahead of the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the medieval-fantasy hack-and-slash RPG. The trailer covers some of the gameplay elements and a look at the content that you can expect to experience from the upcoming action-RPG.

The video is six minutes long, covering the different classes, the fast-paced combat, some of the character customization and some of the enemies you’ll be facing off against. Check it out below.

The video follows a dude running around a forest with his pet bear, hacking and slashing enemies until they die. This part of the showcase is for the class known as the Beastmaster. Much like in Baldur’s Gate, this specific character class can call upon the help of animals to help aid them during battle.

Later on we see the Sorcerer in action, where the class can lob fireballs at enemies and other elemental attacks. They’re a ranged character class so keeping your distance is key for your survival.

The video also covers the shatter system, where you can deconstruct some of the junk items you encounter so that you can empower your other weapons with bonus stats.

We also get to see how the various specialty class trees work and the various skills you can unlock along the way.

It’s nowhere near as expansive as Path of Exile but it’s pretty varied, giving you a wide range of different abilities and passive skills to experiment with.

The video makes it known Last Epoch is in a pre-alpha build and it’s quite obvious given that there are a lot of placeholder animations, incomplete assets and sounds that aren’t put into place yet.

Nevertheless, the video is basically a preparatory bit of promotion for the upcoming Kickstarter, which is set to get underway starting April 18th. For more info you can visit the official website.


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