Long Gone Days, 2D-Action Visual Novel To Hit PC Via Steam March 2018

Back on May 25th, 2016 indie dev team Bura posted Long Gone Days, a 2D-action visual novel, to Steam Greenlight, which has passed through Greenlight and is now set to hit Steam Early Access March 2018.

If you happen to be into 2D-action games and visual novels you might find interest in Bura’s Long Gone Days. The indie game mixes RPG, shooter and puzzle elements all into one to create an interactive dystopian piece of fiction:

“A 2D modern-day character-driven RPG that combines elements from visual novels, shooters, and dystopian fiction.”

You can get an even better look at Long Gone Days by either checking out the older playable demo over on its Steam Early Access page or by watching the indie game’s official trailer.

Long Gone Days tells the story of Rourke, who is a soldier from the Core, an isolated place that happens to be stationed below the surface of the Earth.

In addition to the above, after Rourke finds out the truth about the operation he is part of in Kaliningrad; he decides to abandon his post and inadvertently enters an inescapable war.

During Rourke’s journey he’ll collaborate with several people from different parts of the world who will help him, in which players will be able to assume the roles of Rourke and his teammates in certain segments of the game.

According to the devs, gameplay dabbles in RPG elements and borrows mechanics from other genres, like puzzles and shooters. It’ll be interesting to see this game hit Early Access next month given the last video released by the devs was over a year ago.

More information on this game can be found by checking out Long Gone Days official website. As it stands now, the 2D-action visual novel will debut for PC via Steam Early Access sometime this year in March.


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