The Lost Child, Dungeon-Crawling RPG Launches This Summer For Nintendo Switch, PS4
The Lost Child

NIS America announced that the launch window for The Lost Child has narrowed down to a summer, 2018 release. The game will be available for the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4, along with NIS throwing a desperate and thinning bone to the last remnants of PlayStation Vita owners, like a disgusted dog owner feeding his blind, toothless, quadriplegic mutt.

Kadokawa Games’ dungeon-crawling RPG combines elements from dungeon crawlers with monster fusion and visual novels. The company certainly has a pedigree that would warrant high quality expectations from a game that dabbles in each of the aforementioned sub-genres, the company is responsible for RPG Maker, so they definitely have some knowledge about the pacing and scale required to make a decent role-playing experience. They’ve also made the Demon Gaze series, which is no surprise that they would include form progression in a game like The Lost Child; and they’ve had experience with the visual novel sub-genre with games like Letter – Root Letter.

So taking all of those elements, they’ve crafted a game that combines all of their trademark design features into one occult-themed role-playing experience. In The Lost Child players will take on the role of Hayato Ibuki, a journalist working for an occult magazine. One day while tracking down a mysterious suicide at Shinjuku Station he encounters a mysterious black figure that attempts to kill him, but a girl named Balucia saves him and gives him a large case containing a demon gun named Gangour. Hayato uses the gun to capture demons and turn them into his allies, not unlike the Devil Summoner series.

The Lost Child - Combat

The game features more than 100 different Astrals to capture, and each one has different forms that can be evolved over the course of the game.

You’ll also have more than 250 different skills to learn from the Astrals that you capture, giving you a massive pool of combat abilities to choose from the more Astrals you capture.

The game features more than 100 different dungeon floors to crawl as you attempt to stop the dark rulers and find out what the angels want with you.

You can look for The Lost Child to make its way to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch this summer via digital distribution and physical retail release. PS Vita users will be stuck with just a digital release because they’re like the red-headed step children of the gaming industry.


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