Metal Gear Survive Launch Trailer Pelted With Downvotes During Release

Metal Gear Survive has caused quite the ruckus when it was announced, and Konami’s recent vision of Metal Gear without Hideo Kojima has finally launched for gamers to play.

Firstly, according to the press release that Konami sent out, folks will be able to play the game on PS4 and Xbox One, but those looking to play the game on PC will have to wait until February 21st — as listed on its Steam page.

It’ll be interesting to see further thoughts on this game by gamers due to the early problems going on with PS4 and Xbox One players. If you don’t know, said players were greeted by an error message upon launching the game that prevented them from playing. You can read more about the patch issues over on the game’s Reddit page.

Looking past all problems that came along with Metal Gear Survive launch, the team released a launch trailer showing what the game has to offer. You can check out the near two minute long launch trailer below.

As per usual, Metal Gear Survive launch trailer was hit with the same feedback. The video as of this writing has no comments, but it has more dislikes than it does likes.

Folks interested in this game and have been on the fence about it will now be able to try the full game. It’s best, though, if you are planning on getting the game known as an abomination to do thorough research on it before purchasing it.

Lastly, the game is always online even if you are playing single-player and it also features a “Survive Coin Shop” MTX model. Again, it’s best to research all of this stuff for yourself if you are planning on picking up a copy.

Metal Gear Survive is available to play across PS4 and Xbox One, and is said to release for PC on February 21st via Steam.


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