Metro: Exodus Reported To Feature New Ammo Economy And Stealth Attacks

According to a recent rundown on Deep Silver and 4A Games’ Metro: Exodus, it is said that a “Fallout-style scavenging and crafting system” will replace the “ammo economy” from previous Metro games.

Metro: Exodus happens to be the cover story of Game Informer’s March 2018 issue, which brings new information about developer 4A Games and publisher Deep Silver’s first-person shooter.

Instead of having to wait for Metro: Exodus to launch this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One to get info on gameplay mechanics, we learn from publication site WCCFTech about this new “ammo economy” system.

The publication site having read Game Informer’s March 2018 issue reported the game now has a “Fallout-style scavenging and crafting system.” This setup is said to replace the earlier system found in older Metro titles, which prompted you to buy goods with bullets.

Whether you like this change or not, the true testament of this new “ammo economy” will be determined by gamers when Metro: Exodus releases this year.

Furthermore, the report based on the March 2018 issue explains that you will be able mix and match weapon upgrades. Additionally, if you’ve found a weapon that’s not worth using but has a valuable attachment on it, you can take it off and attach it on to a much preferred weapon.

Looking to a more technical side of things, firearms and weapons must be cleaned and maintained every so often. If you don’t take care of your weapons they are said to stop working or act up when in use.

Lastly, the report touches on stealth and a way to conserve on ammo through take-downs. These take-down moves are said to make stealth that much easier, however the game will keep track of your actions. If you kill someone or perform a non-lethal take-down, factions are said to react accordingly.

You can look forward to Metro: Exodus to launch sometime this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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