Mission: Impossible – Fallout Trailer Really Topped All Expectations
Mission Impossible Fallout

Tom Cruise is making a return to form in the franchise that just won’t die. He’s back again in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, which aired during this year’s Super Bowl event between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots.

The trailer – like many that aired during the Super Bowl – attempts to get right to the point, spending two minutes setting up Cruise’s next big outing as super-spy Ethan Hunt. You can check it out below, courtesy of MovieClips Trailers.

Okay… holy crap that was badass.

I was convinced Tom’s old age had caught up to him and this would result in a rickety-old wannabe alien-believing loon traveling around the world trying to get himself killed by doing his own stunts, but I was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong by how slick that trailer was put together and how awesome those action sequences look.

Henry Cavill cuffing his links and rolling his sleeves to get down and dirty in that toilet fight is probably the only time you’ll ever enjoy wanting to see several sweaty men trying to get their hands on each other in a men’s restroom.

This was also one of the few trailers where it starts with a nice slow burn and just keeps ramping up, getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

I know old-man Tom broke his ankle in that rooftop scene and it looks like they actually kept it in the movie. If you slow the trailer down at the 2:05 mark you’ll see exactly where it breaks. Ouch. I wonder if they’re going to work that into the story of if they’ll just play it off with the movie magic that the near-geriatric action hero will just walk it off and get back to taking names and kicking his own government’s butt?

Anyway, this badass looking film is due out on July 27th. I just hope it’s better than the last outing, which was kind of okay but also really disappointing and it felt kind of small. Cruise may be a brainwashed victim of Scientology but at least he can still knock out a decent movie here and there… can’t say the same about John Travolta, though.


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